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How Was Your Date?

It went pretty well. He made the mistake of asking me about dinosaurs and before I knew it I had launched into a diatribe about how the T-rex may have actually been a scavenger as opposed to the high-level predator everyone thinks it is. Cited theories claim that the size of the head and feet would have made it too big and slow for lengthy pursuit and that bacteria in the teeth of fossilized remains were most likely that of decaying matter as opposed to living flesh. BACTERIA IN DINOSAUR TEETH, EVERYONE. LIVING FLESH?! I AM A WINNER.

It’s a good thing I didn’t get started on cadavers and how it’s the shockwaves from the blast of the bomb that kill you; they rupture the vessels in your lungs, which then fill up and before you know it you’re drowning in your own blood. Although, he is an ER nurse so I’m sure he’s seen his share of crazy shit. We did talk about crackheads that masturbate while fully engulfed in flames though. And I wonder why I’m still single…

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